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Orange County Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Our accident attorneys help victims in Orange County get the settlement they deserve for their injuries, pain and medical bills.

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Dog Bites in Orange County

Dog Bites

If you have been bitten by a dog in Orange County, give us a call. We litigate dog bite claims.

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Slip and Fall Accidents in Orange County

Slip and Fall

Orange County property owners have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe and to warn others potential danger.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Riding your bicycle in Orange County can be very dangerous. Find out if you are entitled to compensation for your accident.

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Orange County Personal Injury Attorneys

Our Dedicated Plaintiff Attorneys Win Against Tough Opposition

An Orange County accident attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys will always be dedicated to providing unsurpassed service for our clients when they desperately require assistance against powerful opposition, such as the insurance company giants that wield enormous legal power. The plaintiffs we exclusively represent are our singular focus, and the diligent work we do guarantees the optimum outcome for wronged victims and their families. We never work for insurance companies or negligent defendants. Insurance companies are formidable legal opponents with entire teams dedicated to cheating you out of the compensation you deserve, and you should never risk facing them alone. We are ready to tackle any tough case and never require payment until we have won for you, so you should never fear or hesitate in contacting us. We battle even the toughest cases and win. Call (949) 234-6034 now so that we can get started right away.

Silverthorne Attorneys Will Win the Money You Need

Silverthorne Attorneys wins cases because we are a law firm of injury attorneys that cares about its clients. Our highly qualified team excels at getting the maximum compensation for trauma caused by negligence. If you are hurt and need a company who will represent you fervently, then we are the firm you need to pursue your case without compromise. The diligent, relentless representatives at our firm will not rest until we win your case. Do not delay and risk your favorable outcome; contact us today for a completely free consultation with an experienced, devoted plaintiff representative at (949) 234-6034.

We Pursue Your Case Aggressively and Intelligently

An excellent bodily injury lawyer must always approach a case relentlessly but cleverly. We pour over the details of every case thoroughly and dedicate the time needed to get the case right. Our clients are always satisfied by our ultimate dedication and unyielding representation. We are driven by a passion for our work, which is to seek out justice for those who have been wronged. Silverthorne Attorneys prides itself in pursuing cases with ethics, dignity, and class. We compassionately care about every client, and we use that devotion tirelessly against those who oppose you. If you want this philosophy behind your representation, then contact us immediately to start building your case.

We Serve All of Orange County and Beyond

No matter where you reside or were injured, if you have suffered, we want to speak with you about your case. Our main office is located in Ladera Ranch, California, but we take important cases from far and wide. Our hard-working staff have visited clients locally from San Clemente to Costa Mesa. If you are unable to come to us for help, then we can have a highly qualified injury lawyer come directly to you. We will happily plan a visit to your home anywhere in Southern California if that is what is needed to help you with your case.

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Are You Seeking a Devoted Orange County Personal Injury Attorney Who Truly Cares?

Silverthorne Attorneys knows how hard it can be to find an Orange County plaintiff lawyer who really wants to put your interests first. Often, it seems like legal representatives are more interested in closing a case quickly and getting their cut than in working hard to get you the best possible result after you have suffered an awful injury. Unlike them, we deeply care about our clients and their cases, and we truly want to ensure that you get the best outcome to help you move on from your traumatic experience. You are far more than just a case number to us. We know that you have family, friends, and loved ones who cherish you and need you to recover as quickly as possible. If your family member was injured, then we know that you want to do anything possible to make things better for them, and we genuinely want to do whatever we can to help, as well. Please contact us as soon as you can after your accident for a free consultation to help guide you towards the right legal path.

It Is Absolutely Free to Consult with Us and Start Your Case

You can speak with an experienced Orange County personal injury lawyer right away without paying anything by calling Silverthorne Attorneys now. We never charge for consultations, and we can start your case without any money needing to be paid up-front. Don’t let the fear of legal fees prevent you from getting the representation you need to battle the defense’s legal team. Contact us right away, so we can get started on your case immediately. We promise that you will never be charged for reaching out to us for help.

What If I Have No Money to Begin My Case?

You should never have to worry about being unable to pay to get your case started. When you first contact a professional Orange County injury attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys, we will notify you that you never need any money up-front to cover the costs of pursuing your case. Whether the case is settled after more basic negotiations or requiring intense litigation, you do not need to worry about coming up with a payment until after you have received your compensation. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee to guarantee that you will always be able to afford legal action through our firm.

How a Contingency Fee Works

A contingency fee is a charge (often a percentage of the awarded sum) that is applied contingent upon success without requiring any payment up-front. This means, you only have to pay us when we win and never have to worry about not having money to get your case started. If we pursue your case and are unable to get you compensation, you will never have to pay a penny to us. This means that you can confidently pursue legal action without worrying about the financial impact if you lose. You will either win compensation and pay a percentage to Silverthorne Attorneys as the contingency fee, or you will have lost nothing because you will pay nothing if the case is not won.

What Is a Statute of Limitations?

A “statute of limitations” determines the limit on the amount of time allowed for a victim to pursue legal action against a defendant. These limits on the period of time after an incident during which a victim is allowed to pursue legal action are generally set by the states. This time limit generally starts at the time of the initial incident. If you do not move quickly to pursue your case, this time limit may expire and cause you to be unable to receive compensation for your injuries. If this time “runs out” before you enter litigation, then you have given up your legal right to claim damages.

We Will Do Everything We Can To Make Your Injury Right

If you're suffering was caused by someone else’s negligence, we want to do everything possible to ensure that you get the money you need to pay for all the damages done. We pride ourselves on making sure every physical and psychological trauma is addressed completely when requesting sufficient compensation from the defendant. We never want you to be left with bills you cannot pay after already suffering from your accident. Any competent Orange County accident lawyer should be ready to firmly negotiate with insurance companies and oppose any unjust settlements. While other firms may avoid such issues, we will push particularly hard to ensure that any scarring, lasting injuries, and psychological trauma get included when calculating the award amount. Make sure that you choose a legal adviser who will stand up for you instead of pushing your case through quickly to get paid at your expense.

We Understand That Recovery Is Hard

We have seen exactly how much pain and suffering can result after an injury, and we want to make sure that you get every bit of your damages compensated fully. Besides the toll on your body, the injuries inflicted by negligence can result in enormous costs from medical expenses, lost ability to work during the recovery, and occasionally permanent disability or even death. While this type of trauma can never be made up for completely by financial compensation, the monetary award you should be entitled to from the person who hurt you or your family can help you put your life back on track. A caring, devoted Orange County bodily injury lawyer should want to listen to your story and pursue whatever action is best for you and your family. We will always be on your side, and you can count on us to have your back throughout this difficult time.

Why Finding a Dedicated Plaintiff Attorney Is Important

Being a plaintiff means that you are the person who has been wronged and are seeking justice. This means that you need a strong OC injury lawyer who is experienced in fighting for the compensation needed to get a just outcome to your case. If lawyers sometimes work for the defense or are too close to the insurance companies, it can create a conflict of interest that may mean your case is not as solid as it should be. Make sure that the representative you choose will have only your best interests at heart. Silverthorne Attorneys is solely dedicated to helping the victims of negligent injury, so we are always on your side and opposing any unfair, inadequate attempts to settle prematurely by insurance companies. If you are worried that the guilty party or insurance company is going to get away without paying you what you need to recover, please call us immediately for a consultation that we will always provide free of charge.

You Should Not Be Responsible for Costs Forced Upon You

An injured victim should never be responsible for paying the costs associated with their recovery that were forced upon them by someone else’s negligence. It should always be the duty of the negligent party to cover whatever damages have been done to you. Every hard-working, tenacious bodily injury attorney employed at Silverthorne Attorneys makes it their priority to guarantee that you will never be burdened with overwhelming expenses that you cannot pay. It is our job to get you the highest payout possible to cover your costs, and we will do everything in our power to keep you from being left destitute by a disabling injury. We know that your family needs to be able to pay their way even if the primary earner has been left unable to work, and you deserve to have this lost income replaced.

Insurance Companies Will Use Your Statements Against You

Never forget that anything you say to an insurance company representative will likely be used against you later in your case. Unlike with legal representation from lawyers, there is no legal privilege granted when you speak to insurance companies, and insurance agencies are under no ethical or legal obligation to keep your information confidential during the discovery stage of your case. You should never admit fault, express apologies, or give any other statements that may imply some level of responsibility on your part.

Insurance representatives are looking for every possible opportunity to reduce the amount of compensation they will be required to pay, and they are known for using underhanded tactics to achieve this goal. We strongly recommend that you seek counsel from a savvy, resolute Orange County plaintiff attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys before speaking with anyone from the insurance company. You will never have to pay anything to call and speak with us, so you should call today if you have been injured and need guidance.

Always Seek Necessary Medical Care for Your Injuries

Please be sure that you always receive all of the medical assistance you need after being injured. Your health should always be your top priority, and you should never be so afraid of medical expenses that you neglect to seek proper assistance. We place the highest importance on making sure your injury is treated so that you can heal properly. Every Orange county bodily injury attorney will agree that you seek emergency treatment immediately after suffering any serious injury. If you or a member of your family are injured and need assistance, you should never hesitate to get all of the care needed right away. Keep in mind that the negligent party will ultimately be responsible for all of the costs you incur.

Notify the Proper Authorities When You Are Involved in an Accident

Every OC accident attorney will advise that you notify the proper authorities when you have been involved in an accident. Auto accidents and other serious incidents should always be reported to the local police. Any time a serious injury occurs or there is a risk of a violent reaction from a guilty party, you should immediately call 911. If your injury involves a dangerous animal, be sure to call your local animal control agency and inform them of the aggressive animal. Cases involving food poisoning should involve the Orange County Environmental Health Department. Always consider which officials or agencies may need to be notified to best document your case and protect public safety.

Never Be Dishonest in Official Statements

You should never tell a lie about your case to any officials or agencies that are involved with your case. While it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced Orange County plaintiff lawyer before giving your official statements, especially to insurance companies who are notorious for using your words against you, you should never misrepresent or be dishonest about the events that transpired. Falsifying your statements will only cast doubt upon your entire case. If you are unsure how to communicate your side of the story effectively, then it is imperative that you contact us for guidance. We are more than happy to advise you so that you avoid creating legal obstacles that will stand in the way of getting your compensation.

We Will Pursue Most Injury Cases

While it is always best to speak with a smart, professional Orange County plaintiff attorney to decide how to best pursue your case, you should know that we take on almost any case in which someone is injured due to the negligence of another person, business, employer, or other entity. We are experienced in pursuing cases that involve car crash, bicycle, pedestrian, dog attack, business, work, and other accidents. If your injury was fully or in part due to the negligence of someone else, then it is highly likely that we will be able to help you recover compensation for your suffering. We strongly advise that you contact us as soon as possible after your injury to discuss your options.

Car Accidents Are a Common Cause of Injury in Orange County

Sadly, car accidents are a common occurrence throughout OC. These auto incidents sometimes result in serious injuries or death, and are often caused by a negligent driver. If a family member has passed away after being involved in a car crash, then we will do everything we can to ensure that the insurance company doesn’t devalue the life of your loved one. If you or a family member has been injured in an automobile accident, then we will pursue reimbursement for all of the expenses you incur from the incident. You can speak to a skilled personal injury attorney right away to discuss your crash by contacting Silverthorne Attorneys.

Immediately After the Accident

When involved in an accident involving automobiles, please try to remember every possible detail since hit-and-runs have become quite common in our area, as every Orange County accident attorney knows. If you have a phone or other media device with you, it is wise to begin recording the incident to document the events. Remember to call the authorities and remain at the scene until help arrives. Never leave the scene of an accident without giving a statement to an officer of the law. The police report that they create will be invaluable to your case. If the injuries suffered by you or your passengers are severe, call 911 immediately for an emergency medical response.

Types of Auto Accidents We Pursue and Dangerous Locations

We handle cases involving rear-end, red light, T-bone (broadside collision), and other accidents. There are several intersections and roadways that are considered particularly treacherous in our county. Two of the most dangerous intersections are found in Santa Ana at 17th and Fairview Street and at Bristol St. and McFadden Avenue. To the south of Irvine Regional Park, Santiago Canyon Road has been the location of many serious accidents where it crosses Jamboree Rd. and becomes Chapman Ave. Many serious incidents have also taken place along Ortega Highway (California State Route 74), which begins in San Juan Capistrano and continues eastward beyond the Cleveland National Forest. No matter where you drive, you must always keep the safety of yourself and your passengers in mind.

We Pursue Dog Bite Injury Cases

If you have been the victim of a vicious dog attack or received injuries while trying to escape an aggressive dog, we can help you get compensation from the dog’s owner (or the homeowner’s insurance company). Every experienced Orange County injury attorney realizes that the damage inflicted by a dog can be very severe. Scarring, infection, and disease transmission, particularly, are concerns that should be addressed fully by medical providers and when negotiating a fair legal settlement. After being attacked, it is important to alert the local animal control agency to inform them of the aggressive dog and prevent further attacks on others. Please be very careful to watch out for aggression from the dog’s owner, as well, when gathering information such as contact information and the animal’s vaccination record.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents Are the Responsibility of the Property Owner

One of the other common case types our firm pursues is slip-and-fall accidents. These types of accidents can occur at a business, place of employment, or elsewhere. Any clever Orange County injury lawyer is aware that property owners are responsible for insuring the safety of others on their property. Hazards that often result in injury include wet or icy patches left untreated, construction or cleaning equipment and cords left unsupervised, and cracked or damaged walkways, flooring, stairs, or ladders. While we strongly advise you to contact us with any questions you may have about your case, if you have suffered a slip-and-fall accident on someone’s property that was caused by a preventable hazard, then it is very likely that your injuries will qualify you for compensation.

An Accident While Biking Can Result in Serious Trauma

The most serious injuries suffered from bicycle accidents tend to be brain injuries, but spinal cord trauma, broken bones, neck and back damage, and crushed limbs are also possible traumatic injuries that can be sustained from a bike accident. Serious damage caused by bicycling incidents can also result in death. We advise that you always try to stay safe while biking. Please ensure that you and your family members always wear helmets and use other safety gear such as reflectors and lights while riding to stay as safe as possible. No Orange County bodily injury attorney likes to see severe brain damage that could have been prevented by wearing a helmet. Please encourage everyone you know to ride safely.

Trucking Accidents Are Particularly Impossible to Pursue Alone

It is particularly difficult to pursue accidents that involve industrial trucks or other big rigs by yourself because they tend to belong to large companies or other professional organizations, but we are experienced and prepared to handle the complexities of these unique cases. These sorts of large trucks may include company work trucks, delivery vans, semi-trucks, flatbeds, tractor-trailers, and other commercial vehicles that are particularly prevalent along Interstate 5 and I-405. While any accident lawyer knows that it is highly likely a company truck will be insured, the corporate policies can often be incredibly difficult to navigate on your own. If you have been in a crash with a commercial truck or other large vehicle, please call Silverthorne Attorneys for a free, personalized consultation on how to proceed.

Other Types of Cases We Undertake

We pursue almost any case that involves injuries or death that occurred due to negligence. Every skilled, devoted Orange County personal injury attorney from Silverthorne Attorneys is qualified to pursue cases involving the following:

  • Poisoning from food, Salmonella, mercury, or other chemicals or contaminants
  • Damage inflicted to the brain, spinal cord, and other catastrophic injuries
  • Injuries involving burns, whiplash, electrical current, and other hazards
  • Fatalities involving wrongful death, drowning, defective cribs, and other negligence
  • Accidents that occur at a construction site, theme park, work location, or other premises
  • Accidents involving an escalator, crane, ATV, boat, bus, motorcycle, train, taxi cab, or segway
  • Complicated auto accidents that involve a rollover, hit and run, uninsured motorist, etc.
  • Aviation accidents and pedestrian accidents
  • Accidents involving Caltrans negligence
  • Pharmaceutical litigation involving drugs that cause harm
  • Defective product liability involving brakes, car seats, cribs, stoves, tires, etc.

Never Become Aggressive Towards the Defendant

Although we fully understand that the time after an injury can be stressful and aggravating, it is critical that you avoid becoming aggressive towards the person that hurt you or your family. As any OC accident lawyer can tell you, this kind of lashing out will only damage your case and potentially result in jail time that will separate you from the people you love. Immediately after the accident, be sure to focus your energy on dealing with the injuries incurred. Focus on helping yourself or your loved ones as best as possible until emergency medical assistance and the local police can arrive. Remember to prioritize your and your family’s health and safety over anger when you are involved in an accident.

Keep All Important Documents

Please be sure that you do not lose any important evidence or documentation regarding your case. Your Orange County bodily injury lawyer can help you find and gather the needed documents, but your case will be greatly expedited by making sure none of the important information is misplaced or discarded. Some of the important documents that you may need for your case include medical records and bills, a police report, insurance statements, income and job records, receipts that prove the value of personal property damage, and photos or recordings of the accident or resulting damage. It is wise to dedicate a folder, drawer, or other area where you can place every important document or communication you receive regarding your injuries and your case. You may also want to create back-up copies of paper and electronic files in case information is lost or corrupted.

What Are Damages?

Damages are generally thought of as the amount of monetary harm that has been done to a plaintiff or, alternatively, as the amount of award that a defendant will be required to pay the plaintiff if they are deemed to be responsible for the plaintiff’s loss. Damages are generally separated from the costs of pursuing legal action (costs to hire a plaintiff lawyer, investigators, etc.), although these legal expenses are also often covered by the defendant if the case brought against them is won. There are two main categories of damages: compensatory and punitive.

Compensatory Damages

Also known as actual damages, compensatory damages are a measure of the direct financial impact caused by the defendant. These result when there is a direct and measurable causation between the actions of the defendant and the losses suffered by the claimant that can be proven by a talented OC injury attorney. These types of damage include property damage, medical expenses, and compensation for emotional trauma (general damages). Additionally, consequential damages are assessed for situations such as when the defendant’s actions resulted in the claimant’s loss of future potential (like if a model has been scarred by the accident and will be unable to find work in the future). Recovering funds for future suffering or damages must always be based on the likelihood of such outcomes and not speculation. All compensatory damages must be calculable to be awarded, as best as possible for instances of emotional trauma and other difficult to calculate issues.

Punitive Damages

Unlike compensatory damages that need to be precisely calculated, punitive damages are generally introduced to penalize a defendant’s egregious behavior and are based on the severity of their misconduct and blatant disregard for social ethical duties. This type of compensation will usually be included when the defendant’s actions are, as described by an Orange County injury lawyer, committed willfully, malevolently, blatantly, or oppressively. If it is deemed that the defendant viciously, intentionally, or through a complete disregard to societal obligations resulted in damages being incurred, then it is very likely that they will be made to pay punitive damages. The costs for these damages are solely at the discretion of the “trier of fact”, which generally means the judge and jury, and are often based on personal judgments of the ethical repugnancy of the defendant’s actions.

Does the Person Responsible Pay All of My Expenses?

There are a wide variety of costs that can be compensated by either the defendant (guilty party) or the insurance company that provides coverage to the defendant. When your case is won, you will often be able to collect many types of expenses that were caused by the opposing party. These include your compensatory damages, personal injury lawyer fees, and other costs associated with filing a lawsuit and pursuing litigation. If the accident was the result of intentional aggression, vindictiveness, or other social misconduct on the part of the defendant, then it is likely you will also receive punitive damages that are intended to punish the defendant and act as a deterrent to future crimes. Any Orange County personal injury lawyer will inform you that punitive awards are usually set according to how morally revolting the defendant’s actions are seen by the judge and jury. Depending on the case, the amount of punitive damages charged can be quite high.

If Your Loved One Was Taken Away from You, We Are So Sorry

No words can ever convey our full sympathy for your loss, but please know that we want to help you in every way we can. There is nothing worse than the loss of a loved one, and we know that the amount of grief such a loss brings can be overwhelming. If you have lost someone, it can be hard just to get through the day, nonetheless try to deal with the legal actions necessary to seek justice against the person responsible. Every compassionate accident attorney at Silverthorne Attorneys wants to make sure that the negligent party is held responsible for your loved one’s death. While no amount of compensation will ever be enough to cover the loss of someone you cared for, the guilty party should be made to pay for the life that was lost. Especially if the person you lost was the primary earner of income, every smart Orange County accident lawyer knows that a monetary payment may be critical to rebuilding your life and the lives of your family. A tragic loss forced upon you by someone else can throw you into financial ruin and emotional chaos, but we promise that we will do everything possible to bring your life back to a healing stability.

Practicing Personal Injury Law in Orange County

Orange County is renowned for its beautiful beaches and extraordinary climate. While OC is an amazing place to live, it’s also a place where many accidents and injuries are bound to occur. Any time that a large population of people live in close proximity, there will inevitably be unfortunate accidents. If you have been involved in an incident here, please know that you are not alone. We handle serious accidents quite frequently, and we are extremely experienced at helping you through this difficult time.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

The practice of personal injury law revolves around getting justice for victims who have been wronged by a negligent party. Generally, lawsuits of this type are raised when cases were the result of a “tort” -meaning a wrongful act or infringement against another’s rights - civil offense, as opposed to a criminal proceeding, although some cases result in both. A civil bodily harm lawsuit or wrongful death litigation often proceeds when an insurance company refuses to settle the case for a reasonable sum. Most cases are based on the concept of negligence, which is applied due to the moral obligation every person bears to not create undue danger to or enact harm against others in society. When such a social violation occurs and a victim has been damaged by this behavior, it is the field of personal injury law that determines the responsibility of the defendant and appropriate compensation for the victim.

The Basics of Personal Injury Law

The most common goal of personal injury law is to establish the guilt of or amount of responsibility born by a defendant who has been alleged to have caused harm towards another. A large part of this involves calculating the damages caused to the victim and proving the culpability of the defendant. While many cases result in settlements without having to enter litigation, it is sometimes necessary to file a lawsuit and go to trial in order to assure adequate reimbursement for the losses suffered by a victim. A formal civil lawsuit is an official legal proceeding that involves a judge and, sometimes, a jury. At the conclusion of the trial, either the judge or jury will determine the amount awarded to compensate the plaintiff based on the solid case created by your representative.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The time after your injury should ideally be spent focusing on the healing and recovery of yourself and your family without the stress of dealing with your case. Legal proceedings are extremely complex and require intense dedication and experience to handle sufficiently. Sadly, rushing into legal action without adequate representation has resulted in many lost cases and financial damage for many victims of negligence. The legal power controlled by insurance companies, which are one of the most often involved entities in personal injury cases, is vast and usually involves entire teams of lawyers and other staff working to force victims to accept a settlement as low as possible. It is always in your best interest to seek out a representative who will negotiate and tenaciously pursue action that helps you and your family win. We can offer the following to your case:

  • Experience in assessing your case and advising you on the best way to proceed
  • An absolutely free consultation and legal action that only costs when you win
  • Experience in negotiating with and getting demands met from insurance companies
  • The relief of knowing that the tedious, complex paperwork and red tape is covered
  • Critical connections to important investigators and agencies to advance your case
  • Zealous representation in negotiation, mediation, and trial that wins cases

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You should contact us any time you have suffered an injury or traumatic event. We can immediately, personally advise you as to whether your case is worth pursuing and likely to result in adequate compensation. While it is important to have an experienced, highly educated representative review the specific details and circumstances surrounding your specific case, you will always need representation if you have been injured severely enough that you acquired medical expenses or lost income or quality of life. Insurance companies will usually try to evade paying for your full costs and lasting injuries. Our firm is dedicated to fighting back against this unscrupulous practice.

What to Expect When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you first contact us, we will carefully review the details of your case and answer any questions you may have. You should never employ a firm that neglects to devote the time to truly understand your case and guide you through the legal process. Building a case well involves making a strong effort to gather and process evidence that supports the facts of the case and this takes time and diligence, which our staff pride themselves on providing. A devoted representative should always keep you updated about your case, and we put our customer service and communication as one of our top priorities. The main concern you should consider when hiring a bodily injury representative is whether they put you first, and at Silverthorne Attorneys, you truly are our focus.

Stages of a Personal Injury Case

The first stage of a personal injury case will generally involve trying to negotiate directly with the defendant or their insurance company. This process requires a determined, unyielding representative to face off against the powerful insurance company industry. Our diligent, uncompromising representatives draft strong letters of demand to these entities and will not rest until your damages are covered in full. Should the insurance fail to compromise and meet the terms that best resolve your case, we are fully prepared to handle official mediation or file a formal lawsuit. Should your case need to go to trial, we will represent you unwaveringly with class and dignity while presenting your case to the judge and jury.

What Constitutes Negligence?

Negligence is defined as the failure to use the proper care necessary to prevent negative outcomes. In the instance of a bodily harm case, the defendant’s negligence is a measure of their guilt in causing injury or other financial damage to the plaintiff, by either intentional malevolence or reckless disregard for public safety. When seeking compensation, proving the negligence of the defendant is essential. This requires showing that their actions directly played a part in the final negative outcome for the victim (causation that shows a direct breach of their duty to prevent injury to others) and that they failed to act as a “reasonable person” should. There are not exact laws and guidelines due to the fact that there are so many ways in which negligence can be conducted. Therefore, it is the duty of a seasoned, well-trained representative to know prior legal precedent and rulings to assess the viability of your case and pursue it wisely.